Utah Celtic FC is excited to announce a merger with Utah Storm. Utah Storm Soccer Club will bring over 40 new teams to the Utah Celtic FC family and will bring a renewed competitiveness to the club.

This merger will effectively combine player, coach, administrative and director resources. We are very excited about the opportunity to expand the footprint and offerings of both clubs. We firmly believe that the merger will create an organization that can better serve all levels of players. 

Highlights and Details of the Merged Clubs

- The club will remain Utah Celtic FC.

- Key leadership positions will stay in place

- There will be 3 tiers of teams that will continue to be supported with the new organization.

  • Platform Leagues – GA for the girls, E64 for the boys and girls for the 2023-24 season.
  • UYSA teams that participate in the UYSA league and associated tournaments coached by a paid coach.
  • UYSA teams that participate in the UYSA league and associated tournaments coached by a volunteer coach that works with a club designated trainer. 

- Tryouts will be the same as years prior for all Utah Celtic Players. 

Utah Storm, formerly know as Hobble Creek Storm has been based in Mapleton, Utah and was founded in 1998 by Jeff Lewis. Utah Storm has produced several state championship teams. Several Utah Storm players have gone on to play college soccer locally and outside of Utah.

“With this exciting merger, I am very so very pleased with the increased opportunities that players will have to develop and realize a clear path for advancement and improvement. Merging the strengths and resources of each successful club will immediately improve the overall experience for all levels of players. I am personally excited for the opportunity to begin working with the combined coaching, director and administrative staff to provide the best possible experience for the youth in our newly combined club!” - Jeff Lewis, Utah Storm

The 2023 Tryouts will be the first opportunity for Utah Storm players to participate on Utah Celtic FC teams.