Utah celtic fc brand guide


Utah Celtic FC is the official name of the club. Variations of the name such as Utah Celtic or Celtic are permitted. We encourage usage of "Utah Celtic FC" or "Utah Celtic." Other names such as "Celtics" or "Celtic FC" are highly discouraged. Identifying the club with Utah helps set our club apart from other Celtic clubs around the world.


The Utah Celtic FC logo is green and white and is the primary branding image for Utah Celtic FC. This logo is on all team jerseys, warm-ups, merchandise, and branded signage.

Change of color, dimensions, opacity, or any other visual changes to the logo are not permitted.

The Utah Celtic FC logo is not to be used or printed on merchandise, banners, apparel, etc, without written consent by the Utah Celtic FC Board.

All printing, embroidery, and graphics outside of social media must be approved. Logo use is restricted. For approval, submit any requests at the link below.


Green: #0B8D46

Green is the primary color for Utah Celtic FC. The official hex code for the green color is #0B8D46. The official green is used on the club logo and on most club branding. Changes to the green in Utah Celtic FC branding is not permitted.


White is the secondary color for Utah Celtic FC. The official hex code for the white color is #000000.

Black: #000000

Black is the tertiary color for Utah Celtic FC. The official hex code for the black color is #FFFFFF. Black is to be used as an accent color and is the clubs third color option for uniforms.


Uniforms are green, white, and black. In each uniform package, players will receive their game uniforms. No other colors are permitted. Individual teams may not purchase their own kits for special occasions or circumstances. Nike is the official uniform manufacturer for Utah Celtic FC, and all jerseys, shorts, and socks must be Nike branded and part of the current uniform lineup. Goalkeepers must wear the club's goalkeeper kit and may not wear personalized kits. Shorts, Socks, or any other uniform pieces (not including cleats, shinguards, etc) must be Nike, and all other brands apparel is prohibited in Utah Celtic FC uniforms.

Temporary shirts will be provided during uniform cycle turnover. These are club approved and should be worn until the official uniform arrives. Teams may not purchase and customize their own kits during uniform cycle turnover.





"BRANDON GROTESK" is the official font of Utah Celtic FC.


Individual Utah Celtic FC team social media accounts should follow the Utah Celtic FC guidelines. All new or existing team social media accounts must be following the @utahcelticfc Instagram account. We encourage teams to only maintain a team account on Instagram.

Team Instagram accounts should include team name, coach name, and team accolades in the account bio. Links should direct straight to the Utah Celtic FC website.


Template for Instagram usernames is as follows:

utahceltic + age group + competition or coach initials


@utahceltic08GA @utahceltic08E64 @utahceltic08_E64

@utahceltic08HRH @utahceltic08MB @utahceltic08BB

If you run into any issues or need help selecting a username that fits your team well, please email tylerstaten@utahceltic.com.

SOCIAL MEDIA Do's & Do Not's

  • Do post team pictures, especially after wins!
  • Do tag @utahcelticfc and the league you're playing in (Girl's Academy, USYS, UYSA, etc).
  • Do not spam tag colleges or professional teams.
  • Do use the official Utah Celtic FC logo on content!
  • Do share goals, saves, highlights, team activities, etc!
  • Do not engage in non-sporting, political, or personal.
  • Do share Utah Celtic FC posts relevant to your team!
  • Do not promote or tag non-Celtic ID camps, trainers, etc.
  • Do show creativity, have fun, and promote Utah Celtic FC!


When traveling for out of state events, please do not post active locations. For example, when you are at an airport and decide to take a picture of your team, do not post until you are away from that location.

The exception to this is the fields at which you are playing your matches.

Please do take plenty of pictures of the players during their trips!!