Utah Celtic FC is proud of the balance, character, development, and success we instill in each of our players. Since 2005, we have seen our teams win 50+ state cups, 8 regional championships, and 1 national championship. While producing this type of success, we take a cost-conscious approach to club management to minimize the financial impact on our player’s families.

Explanation of Fees:

Club Fees are the necessary fees to run Utah Celtic FC.  These fees cover the cost of equipment, field rental, field upkeep, goalkeeper training, coaching directors, coaching education and resources, communication/scheduling app, administrative costs, marketing, Worker’s Compensation, insurance, and other miscellaneous fees and expenses. 

Indoor Facility Fee covers the cost of the indoor training facility.

Club Coaching Fee is the compensation for the coaching staff. This fee increases with age and level of play because the coaches spend more time training GA/E64 and premier teams. 

GA/E64 Fees cover the cost of GA/E64 membership fees, league registration fees, registration fees for 3 events, coach’s travel, referee fees, trainers, Hudl, additional indoor field rental, and administrative costs.  

UYSA Fees are determined by the Utah Youth Soccer Association (UYSA), which is the governing body of youth soccer in Utah. Their fees include the cost of membership, league administration, and the development of new fields in the state of Utah. 

UYSA Ref Fee covers the cost of paying game referees as well as referee assignors.

Uniform Fee covers the cost of a player’s uniforms.  New Uniforms are required every other year. 2023-2024 is a new uniform year.

Recognize that when a player accepts their spot and is placed on a team, that player is making a ONE YEAR COMMITMENT to the team as well as a FINANCIAL COMMITMENT FOR ALL FEES for that soccer year. Please note that the total cost listed DOES NOT INCLUDE TEAM FEES OR TRAVEL FEES. Team fees will be determined by each team and are subject to what the team decides to do on a team basis, for example, tournaments, filming equipment, and other team activities.

All parents must accept a financial agreement affirming they understand the financial obligation they are making to Utah Celtic FC and the costs they are required to pay.  A player who is delinquent in paying fees, whether it be club or team fees, will be removed from the team roster and will not be allowed to play until they are current on their payments.  Payment plans are offered by the club and team financial administrators.

2023-24 Fees

Financial aid

Utah Celtic FC can offer a limited number of scholarships to qualifying players. There is a required mandatory payment due in June that helps cover field maintenance, field rental and indoor facility fees. This must be paid before any financial aid will be awarded.  Scholarship recipients are responsible for the following fees:  UYSA fees, GA/E64 fees, uniform fees, team/tournament fees, and travel fees. Players with a Volunteer Coach are not eligible for financial aid.