The Girls Academy is the leading youth development platform for the best female soccer players in the United States. Girls Academy is the only national youth soccer platform that represents the collective vision of member clubs and actively engages the voice of the players to take real ownership of the league. GA embraces the desire of club members and players to maintain an unrivaled standard of excellence in coaching, competition, and regional and national showcase events throughout the year.

GA is committed to cultivating an environment that empowers players to reach their best potential as an exceptional athlete and human being by celebrating the player’s journey with a lifelong love of the game through competition, showcases, and camaraderie.

In 2023, Utah Celtic FC was able to qualify for the GA Champions Cup in just our second year of competition, and qualified again in 2024!


Utah Celtic FC 12 GA - TW (Orem) - Jen Rawlings -

Utah Celtic FC 11 GA - TW (Orem) - Tyler Woolstenhulme -

Utah Celtic FC 10 GA - TW (Orem) - Jeff Lewis -

Utah Celtic FC 09 GA - CJ (Orem) - Cam Jolley -

Utah Celtic FC 08 GA - CY (Orem) - Caitlin Young -

Utah Celtic FC 06/07 GA - JL (Orem) - Jeff Lewis -