balance. character. development. success.

Utah Celtic FC is the top premier youth soccer club in the state of Utah. Our club accolades provide a proven method of how our core principles of balance, character, development, and success help kids be champions on and off the field. Utah Celtic FC is different than any other club in the state because of its approach to youth player development. We rigorously utilize and continuously educate our coaches on a proven philosophy and curriculum that emphasizes our club style of play. These two items paired together are at the core of our club and have been the foundation for our continual success on a state, regional, and national level.


We believe that a key part of development is having a balanced culture. Kids should have time off, play other sports, and develop other interests in their lives. This culture of balance helps retain players from burn outs and creates a competitive environment.


We train our players to be champions on and off the field. We utilize soccer as a tool to help each of our players reach their potential.


Development is our #1 focus. We develop the top technical, tactical, and soccer IQ players. Through our experienced coaching staff and proven curriculum, our players have reached some of the highest levels that youth soccer has to offer. We consistently send players to play at the D1, D2, & NJCAA collegiate levels and have seen them earn awards such as All-American, All-Conference, and Players of the Year for their respective colleges.


We have a long history of incredible success that separates us as one of the best clubs in the state. We are the first club in the state of Utah to have won a

National Championship (2019).