Utah celtic FC joins utah platform league (upl)

Utah Celtic FC is proud to announce that the club has been accepted into the Utah Platform League (UPL) in its inaugural season.

The UPL was created by UYSA to give Utah youth soccer clubs the opportunity to compete in national platforms as well as against local clubs. With Utah Celtic FC teams in Girls Academy and Elite 64 platform leagues, our teams will be able to participate in this local league while playing in their national leagues as well.

"The UPL will consist of clubs and teams who are able to qualify through either the National Platform Series (ECNL, GA, & E64) or the National Championship Series (State Cup). For competition purposes, UPL member clubs will only be allowed one (1) team per age group, per gender, that qualifies through the identified National Platform Leagues. Meanwhile, UPL club teams will not be limited to the number of teams participating. This will be based on results as defined in qualifications.

In terms of eligibility, UPL member clubs will be limited to one (1) team per age group, per gender, must be between the age groups of U13-U18/19, and will not be permitted to compete in the UYSA State Cup or UYSA gaming league. As for UPL qualified teams, they become eligible as either State Cup finalists or champions and maintain the option to still play in the UYSA gaming league or UYSA State Cup. 'With the changing landscape within soccer, UPL provides an avenue for teams to compete regardless of national platform affiliation. This will open up pathways for teams like never before to help aid them in reaching regional and national leagues. Overall, the creation of this league will raise the standards of soccer within the state of Utah,' UYSA Technical Director Eric Landon" - Utah Youth Soccer Association

For more details on the Utah Platform League, please visit UYSA's information site here.